Hi everyone. Check out this new entry to the Aviation AV fleet! This one of a kind 1973 Bellanca Super Viking is the only one in the world with the PowerLite STC Engine upgrade including cold air induction bringing the output to 340 Horsepower. That’s a lot of stallions under the cowling! Check out the video below. and visit the ad on Trade A Plane for even more details…  Cheers!

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Two Fast planes ready for a new home!

Coming soon to the Aviation Audio Video sales page are two very fast and well maintained aircraft, a  2005 G1000 equipped Mooney Bravo GX, and a ’73 Bellanca Viking which has the only installed cold air induction STC in the world, giving it about a 40 horsepower advantage over its contemporaries. These videos are soon to be produced and will be published here and on the “aviation audio video” YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

Bob Hoover Remembered at Van Nuys Airport

Legendary pilot Bob Hoover will be remembered today at the Clay Lacy Building at KVNY. Although tickets to the event have long been sold out, you can still watch the live stream of the event right here:

The event begins at 1:00 PST until 4:00 PST. there will be a major flyover at the end of the event. I will record it from along side 16R  and post as soon as I get back to the studio! And here it is:

Top Two Aviation Educators Debate the New Airman’s Certification Standards

One of the highlights of the 2016 Flying Aviation Expo was the Debate between John King of King schools and Rod Machado, Humorist and aviation educator. The subject, the new Airman’s Certification Standards (ACS) and its pros and cons for student pilots.

As of June of 2016 the new ACS replaced the Practical Test Standards (PTS) for the private pilot knowledge test and oral portion of the  check ride. John King was on the committee who prepared the additional material for the ACS. Rod Machado is an outspoken opponent of the ACS. This debate eloquently lays out their positions.

I was lucky enough to not only attend the event but capture the excitement of this spirited debate! See it below in it’s entirety:

It’s the Aviation Event of the Year, Flying’s Aviation Expo for 2016!

September 17th 2016

As the days rapidly approach the October 20th  kick off, I am remembering the last two years that I covered this excellent event and have noticed an increase in the number of seminars, workshops, addresses and riveting speakers! When I found about the change in location I was interested, as you might imagine,  just how this huge event will be carried out at Palm Springs Airport, instead of the Convention Center. I guess I had gotten used to that venue. But upon more careful thought, it makes perfect sense that the biggest show of the West with all its aviation trappings be held at an airport, and more importantly, an airport that is uniquely prepared to handle this event with well over 30,000 square feet of space and a runway for demo flights there as well.


As I watched the list of featured speakers and seminar leaders evolve I am happy to report that this should even outdo the last two years with two of my favorites (imo) Rod Machado and  John King actually debating serious FAA issues on Saturday. Now that’s a debate I want to see! avexpo2016

There will be fascinating booths exhibitors to display their latest equipment and product offerings to the aviation community. And, after checking out the list I’m happy to report that I don’t think you will be disappointed!

I will be on the scene starting Thursday morning to gather all the information I can about this show and bring it to you in video and social media commentary.

So to all my friends at Van Nuys and all of you reading this, I hope to see you there to connect and bond in our common love of aviation and all it has to offer!

Rare Airplane for sale

I just finished producing the video for an extremely rare Anderson Greenwood AG-14, one of two surviving out of 5 produced.

AG-001 AG-003 AG-010

This all metal standard category aircraft was built in 1950 and is fully restored. Check out the video below for all the details of its illustrious history and to go for a ride out to the coast:

The plane is currently being offered for sale. You can check out the ad I placed in “Trade-a-Plane” by clicking HERE.

Work Under Way on the Wings over Camarillo Air Show segment

HI all,

Just came back from the Wings over Camarillo airshow and I’m now in the process of assembling the video of the event. It was a great combination of Military (V22 Osprey, CAF WW2 fighters, Condors from Van Nuys, etc.) and general aircraft including the Red Bull Helicopter aerobatic show with Chuck Aaron. Soon you’ll be able to join me for the best seat in the house as you watch the event from my vantage point. It should be ready in just a couple days. I’ll post it here and on my YouTube channel, Aviation Audio Video, so stay tuned!


Just one of the many great aircraft on display at the Wings over Camarillo Show
Just one of the many great aircraft on display at the Wings over Camarillo Show
Hovering Osprey soon to accelerate to 320 Kts!
Hovering Osprey soon to accelerate to 320 Kts!  We went inside and talked to the pilot too, sadly not in the air!
Fortunately Chuck made it back to chat with me about his final few missions before retiring!
Fortunately Chuck made it back to chat with me about his final few missions before retiring from the show circuit!

Aviation Career day at Van Nuys Airport a Big Success!

Post Production is complete on coverage of the 2015 Aviation Career day at Van Nuys Airport. Around 1400 High School students were brought in to learn all about aviation and the possible careers that await them after they graduate. This 11 minute video captures the main points to this extremely popular yearly event. See it below:




Historic Aircraft Display Day is a great opportunity to introduce the public to aviation while benefitting owners of private aircraft.

General aviation airports all over have been quietly hosting Display Days for many years.  Not a lot of people know that on the the third saturday of every month Van Nuys Airport holds display day at the new Prop Park. Usually there are from 3 to a dozen interesting historic aircraft on display with owner/pilots waiting to talk about their planes and tell engaging stories of the adventures they have had in aviation. these are the kind of stories that may start a young would-be pilot on the journey into flying.

Here at Van Nuys airport we are interested in up-ing the game. The February Display Day falls on the 21st this month and we have just confirmed that the Los Angeles Fire Department, Air Operations will provide one of their monster rescue helicopters for display at the event!


As the manager of display day activities I am looking to add to the value and excitement to these events and this helicopter display is something you don’t want to miss!

So save the date and pay us a visit. There’s nothing that paints a smile on a child’s face (with the possible exception of an ice cream sundae) quite like sitting in the cockpit of a real airplane and talking about flying with an enthusiastic pilot!

Saturday February 21st from 10AM until 2PM. Turn East on Stagg Street from Balboa and follow the signs…..

By the way, I’ll be covering the event as moderator of Aviation Audio Video on the Road and hopefully give you even more perspective on what Display Day is like.  But come and Join us this month if you can.

For more information visit

Hope to see you there!