Bob Hoover Remembered at Van Nuys Airport

Legendary pilot Bob Hoover will be remembered today at the Clay Lacy Building at KVNY. Although tickets to the event have long been sold out, you can still watch the live stream of the event right here:

The event begins at 1:00 PST until 4:00 PST. there will be a major flyover at the end of the event. I will record it from along side 16R  and post as soon as I get back to the studio! And here it is:

Top Two Aviation Educators Debate the New Airman’s Certification Standards

One of the highlights of the 2016 Flying Aviation Expo was the Debate between John King of King schools and Rod Machado, Humorist and aviation educator. The subject, the new Airman’s Certification Standards (ACS) and its pros and cons for student pilots.

As of June of 2016 the new ACS replaced the Practical Test Standards (PTS) for the private pilot knowledge test and oral portion of the  check ride. John King was on the committee who prepared the additional material for the ACS. Rod Machado is an outspoken opponent of the ACS. This debate eloquently lays out their positions.

I was lucky enough to not only attend the event but capture the excitement of this spirited debate! See it below in it’s entirety: