Welcome to Aviation Audio Video

Aviation Audio Video is pleased to have begun recently as a business created by me,  Thomas Rincker of Applications Recording, Inc.

Since 1988 Applications Recording has been producing a wide range of projects from corporate to commercials, to documentaries. Now this new “wing” of the company is out to specialize in aviation related projects.

I am presently a student pilot out of Van Nuys Airport in Southern California, learning in my own piper Cherokee 140/160.

I am also presently on the¬†board of directors of the Van Nuys Prop Pilot’s Association where I’m in charge of membership, managing their website and producing media on their behalf.

As a producer editor and videographer, I hope to add value to the association, the Van Nuys Airport and all related aviation based businesses who would benefit from having their stories told with creativity through the use of modern production tools and techniques.

Let’s ROLL!