Flying Magazine’s Aviation Expo 2014 – Your audio visual tour of an amazing event

I am pleased to announce that the video of the Flying  Aviation Expo is now finished.  I know that it’s hard to get 4 days of events, seminars, exhibitors and planes parked outside into a single video piece, but I tried to get a comprehensive look at the the expo as a whole. I shot a ton of footage and talked with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the industry. More content will be available soon. Let me know if there are things you are particularly interested in seeing and learning about.

So have a look and let me know what you think!

Below is the shorter 11 minute version. If you want more detailed info click on the complete version for the whole story!

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“You are a real pro.  Your video work from the Expo is really interesting.  It reminded me of Phil Boyer’s work from ABC’s Wide World of Flying. It  is especially great to see your fine work from Palm Springs.”
–John King,
King Flight Schools

Thanks John!

Aviation Expo Video is in production…

Hi Everyone,

I have returned from the Flying magazine’s First annual Aviation Expo for 2014 and it was great! I have been involved in a lot of trade shows and this one was extremely well planned and prepared for. After the AOPA decided to downsize their events after 2013, Flying Magazine decided to take the reins. And they really did it big. The Parade of Planes proceeded, as in previous years, with several dozen aircraft roaring down the streets from Palm Springs Airport to the Convention Center where they were parked for the duration of the show.

Inside, there were a wealth of exhibitors, Keynote presentations and intelligent seminars on relevant topics, including several areas of flight safety, the debate about the FAA and their position on UAV’s in commercial airspace, and disruptive technologies. It’s not what you think…disruptive in the sense that it forever changes the way pilots and aviation proceeds in the future, very cool concepts.

flight simulation was well presented with the highlight event being the IMC Club’s Instrument proficiency area where pilots took to a flock of Redbird Simulators for 3 levels of instrument landings. ATC was provided by Pilot Edge which made for an extremely realistic experience. You could actually get signed off by participating.

Below is the first half of produced video of the show. I’ll be posting more as I finish, so stay tuned!